You Can Reset Your Consciousness

There has been a great deal of research on what consciousness is and where it comes from however most of the narrative about it is ambiguous to the human mind.  Despite all of that, this article shows how you can reset your consciousness. 

There are different state of mind and each one of them vibrates in a different frequency. In addition to that our brain has nerve cells which produce electrical  signals called brainwaves patters. 

The Brainwaves Patters

If your brain wave is mostly tuned into a beta frequency, you are likely to overreact and over think negatively in any given situation. Unfortunately, most of us operate in the beta frequency zone which has negative effects on our lives.

How can I reset my consciousness in order to change it’s brain wave pattern?

It’s hard to believe it however you can reboot your consciousness with just a single yoga session. An authentic yoga practice has the power to oscillate your brain wave at alpha frequency.

Your mental and physical health will evolve depending on how your brain wave energy is vibrating. Once your brain wave transcends from beta to alpha, your body, mind and consciousness start to operate in a relaxed, content, aware and conscious mode.

At that stage, you are optimising your brain function and the more you practice yoga, the greater the alpha coherence stays within you.

That’s the time when you will have reseted your consciousness! You will grow abilities to achieve anything.