The Mind, Consciousness and Meditation.

I have been worried about the direction our political system is heading. I started to question politicians’ behaviour, for example, why do they behave like they do? What drives them to take measures that adversely impacts people’s lives not only in the UK, but globally?

This mental process caused me a lot of stress that was remarkably incomprehensible.  I started to question myself about the thoughts behind it. Why did I feel like that? Why did it hurt me so badly? What’s the true nature behind it? I began to look deeper into my thoughts, mind and my consciousness.

In fact, I realised that all this stressful information absorbed by my mind had a direct impact on my amygdala which is the part of the brain that makes humans hyper vigilant. That protracted feeling is very harmful. It’s not an ideal situation to be in because the brain activates itself into a state of fear and stress.

If you fabricate fear and put it into people’s minds, it creates a state of super hyper-vigilance that generates hate, intolerance and self-destruction. As the result of Brexit, we have been experiencing it. Some politicians used false data to brainwash the population, one way or the other. I must confess that I experienced such a negative state of mind every time I read something adverse about the economy, refugees and politics. It’s interesting to see that some politicians seed fear and hate into people’s minds, which created the same feeling with me. In other words, the perception of fear generates the same hate, anger and hyper vigilant feeling in all minds. Would that hyper vigilant feeling be connected with radical extremism movements? I suppose that is something, which I need to explore further.

Yet there are different levels of mind states and they tend to behave in different ways. Acute stress tends to hack our consciousness into a chronic hyper state of the amygdala. This process affects the prefrontal cortex, which organises the brain. If the prefrontal cortex can no longer organise the brain, then we become extremely pessimistic, worried and grumpy about everything in our lives. On the other hand, I questioned myself about the fact that if we don’t react against threats imposed on us, then we become passive to them, allowing them to control our lives.

Meditation is well known to settle people into a more comfortable state of mind. It helps us to gain an absolute state of super-consciousness known as Samadhi. By practicing meditation we can reset the amygdala into a more peaceful state of mind almost immediately.

In other words, meditation will help people to divert their consciousness from several objects into a single object yet moving from a single object into a more broad state of consciousness, which awakens a supreme consciousness. The core nature of self-becomes beyond time; it’s cosmic yet pure unity.

However, I am intrigued by this sense of liberation that frees us from suffering. As I mentioned above, the current political global situation really worries me. By practicing meditation and engaging into a super level of consciousness, would this help me to engage in activities that would change society for the better or would it make me ‘comfortable’ and passive to unfair and inappropriate behaviours?

The only way I can find that out is by practising meditation every day from this date forwards. I am engaging in finding a higher state of mind. Hopefully, I will be able to deepen my level of awareness, which is said to expand the mind. My goal is to optimise my brain function where my EEG coherence will expand into high alpha amplitude frequency at 7-10 Hz, allowing me to experience super consciousness. I plan to report my entire research – so watch this space.