Understand Consciousness

The universe is structured in layers,  such as the physical, molecular, atomic, subatomic layers. Underneath of those layers, consciousness exists which is a unified field of pure being, complete silence, and refined essence.  Consciousness structures those layers mentioned above and it stands without altering them.

How do we reach consciousness?

Knowing consciousness itself, it’s a magical moment when you are aware and conscious without using an object in your conscious mind. That is the refined occasion when you have reached consciousness itself, a high state of awareness also known as samadhi.  To some extent, meditation helps you to explore such a privileged state of mind.

What are the mental, environmental, health and social benefits associated with it?

Our mental and physical well-being is precisely correlated with consciousness. Stressful environment/social inputs can produce harmful hormones which affect various aspects of our physiology and state of mind. In other words,  looking after our physical body is not enough as consciousness affects our physiology as well. Our physical body relies on having a good state of mind yet our mental well-being relies on our physiology so they are interconnected. That’s the reason why yoga and meditation have been widely used to improve our health and well-being.

Why is it difficult to practice meditation at first?

Learning a new skill activates areas of the brain which is not frequently used. The brain metabolises faster; it uses more oxygen, It can be tangibly quantified with modern science. All of that mental process can mentally challenge you at first however once you start to master the skill, the brain uses less energy as it stores that knowledge in the memory and techniques become natural.  Basically, the brain works, in the same way, every time we are learning an activity. Practising yoga and meditation is no different, the brain will resist changes at all costs however in the long-run, it will get familiar with the process consequently enjoying doing it.

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