Knowing consciousness itself, it’s a magical moment when you are aware and conscious without using an object or thought in your conscious mind. That is the refined occasion when you’ve reached consciousness itself, a high state of awareness also known as Samadhi.

The Secret Yoga Manual Level I helps you to explore such a privileged state of mind. It uses the combination of yoga postures, flow, breathing techniques and meditation adapted to develop your body, mind and soul. 

By being more conscious, we will be able to work more effectively, live in harmony with each other and save the planet from being destroyed.

See you on the yoga mat.

MJ @ Secret Yoga Sutra

4 reviews for Secret Yoga Manual Level I

  1. gabriel.rubia (verified owner)

    I am really happy with this manual, super detailed and very diversified. Mauro has been fantastic and has helped me to step up on the yoga. I definitely recommend it.

  2. nick (verified owner)

    Mauro has been amazing! This manual is fantastic to follow in between my sessions with him. It really helps having a step by step guide to remind me what i have to do, and to be sure I’m in the correct position. It’s just what i needed! I can highly recommend it!

  3. jacksmith (verified owner)

    I am delighted to write this review for Mauro Moraes Junior. I would like to express my respect and appreciation for this bright young man, who brought outstanding contribution to the yoga community.

  4. camila_usa (verified owner)

    It must have taken you many hours to create it. The level of details really show that. The way the yoga manual is able to adequately touch on all relevant points, while keeping me engaged and interested makes me highly recommend it.

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