Ever Wondered How to Increase Your Energy Level?

Hey, my name is MJ. I’m a qualified yoga teacher and I’ve got a few tips that can help you get the most out of your yoga practice. These tips are based on increasing your professional energy level, such as improving the ability to concentrate for long hours, remain focused and alert while performing office tasks. 

The first thing is to make sure you’re breathing nicely. When you breathe deeply, your body releases natural compounds that make you feel a lot better. Take calm, deep breaths if you face yourself dealing with a challenging task. Breathe in deeply, inflate your chest and diagram for 3 seconds, then breathe out slowly for 3 seconds as well. Practise that at least 10 times and you will be blown away with how much better your workday will become.  

By not getting stressed out with a challenging obstacle, as well as taking deep breaths while that issue appears in front of you, will provide you with a basic support tool that helps you stay motivated and focused when working toward your business goals. Even more, deep breathing helps us to stay awake and alert while functioning pretty much with any activity in life. 

This is even more important when you are feeling bored or tired as our bodies go into a sleep mode. If you feel demotivated, remember to take yourself back to your breath, focus on it, listen to your own self.

Practising the Secret Yoga Manual is another way to sharpen that skill as it has elements of yoga, meditation and pranayama. By the way, pranayama means breathing technique, which is the topic that has been covered on this blog post.

Follow these steps and you will keep yourself awake and alert yet experience a good quality of work-life. 

The next tip for increasing energy levels is to focus on feeling awesome, which will be covered in the next blog post. 

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Wishing you a productive week. 

MJ @ Secret Yoga Sutra