Knowing consciousness itself, it's a magical moment when you are aware and conscious without using an object or thought in your conscious mind. That’s the refined occasion when you’ve reached consciousness itself, a high state of awareness also known as Samadhi.

The Secret Yoga Manual helps you to explore such a privileged state of mind. It uses the combination of yoga postures, flow, breathing techniques and meditation adapted to develop your body, mind and soul. 

What We Do

Weekend Make Over

It includes life coach, diet plan, preparing food/storing, yoga practices, yoga massage therapy, yogi personal training activities and meditation sessions, how to improve your lifestyle and much more.

The Secret Yoga Manual

This will be your personal journey of physical and mental self-improvement. You will make changes that will profoundly improve your appearance, health and well-being for the rest of your life.

Introduction to Yoga

Private yoga class that teaches all the main informations needed before practicing the Secret Yoga Manual.

Yoga Retreat

Take yoga from the comfort of your own home to breathtaking landscapes with one of our yoga retreats.

Corporate Yoga

More companies than ever are looking for alternative ways to delivery well-being to employees.

Yogi Personal Trainer

This is where the benefits of a personal trainer with experience in yoga come in, ensuring that each exercise is performed to improve your yoga practice.

12-Weeks Lean Body Program

Those who completed a 12-weeks course reported a significant improvement in their levels of yoga & fitness and desire for life.

Fit at 50-Plus

Yoga is very good for men and women of all age groups, body types and lifestyle and I would like to show you how.

Yoga Massage Therapy

Assisted stretching session, purportedly can improve your range of motion and even increase your blood circulation.

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